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Hello Friends, it is that time again to let others know what the Guild is up to over the last couple of months. There are members of the guild who play a part in the other organisations so suffice to say that we are all busy but liking what we do.

The guild had a super night at the November meeting with all our sales tables and raffle prizes  add  to  this all  our  visitors and you end up with a fabulous evening.

Christmas and New Year came along and I hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends I spent Christmas with Eileen and family, we all shared Liam's joy as  he opened present    after present, I am sure he has more trains than British Rail.

January meeting was on us in no time this was a lively evening in which Gillian Wallace was our speaker and demonstrator for Lakeland. Gillian brought samples with her to show us in fact we had an electric soup maker in which made enough soup to allow everybody to taste it, and  all  this  was  completed in 40 minutes. We were all  impressed with the other things Gillian brought with her but the quiz she gave us had a few of us beaten. There was a first prize and a boobie prize, I will tell you that I won a prize but it was not the first prize it was the prize for the silliest answer. I did however enjoy my bar of chocolate. Thank you, Gillian.

For our February meeting our speaker gave a talk on Macular Degeneration a subject which causes  a lot  of concern  to  elderly  people and  was well  received by all.

The final meeting for the guild is as usual the A.G.M. and it will be held on the 28th March at 7.30. This meeting is like all our meetings is open to anyone who wishes to come along to the Church Rooms. 


May God Bless you all


Your Friend Aye,








The Guild today
The Guild is about invitation, encouragement, commitment and fellowship which leads to providing opportunities for continuing growth in Christian faith through worship, prayer and action.
Worship is an essential ingredient in all meetings and activities. Prayer underpins everything – and is a means of involving those members who cannot be active in other ways.
Action means living out the faith through project work, exploration of the discussion topics and local involvement of groups and individual members in various aspects of Christian service.
Aims and ethos 
Women and men of all walks of life meet together under our common aim
If you would like more information please contact or speak to Elsie Andrews

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