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We have used the new Eco-Congregation Module to measure the Carbon Footprint of the church. The Church of Scotland requires us to commit to a 5% reduction of this, year on year, so we are monitoring and recording energy use and the use of the buildings. Individuals are also encouraged to measure and monitor their own carbon footprint. A simple calculator may be found at

Reducing heating bills (and carbon footprint)

As a church, we are recording monthly figures of our electricity and gas use, and also of the use of the church and rooms. We hope this will enable us to keep a close eye on what is happening, and recognise any anomalies quickly and avoid waste. Many of us are keeping similar records for our own homes. Are you? As with biodiversity, every wee effort counts, and the combined effect of all our church members working together would be enormous.

We are considering ways to increase the biodiversity of the church grounds and graveyard, whilst recording and cherishing the rich variety of species already there. We are aware of the need for sensitive management of this living sanctuary, and are working with Stirling Council which is responsible for it.

Each year we involve children of the church in our care of teh biodiversity border. 



Our efforts to re-use and recycle as much as possible continue unabated. If you know of any category of ‘junk’ which someone else would value, please suggest it to one of the Eco-Congregation team. See the Recycling page for current ongoing collections.

Earth Hour

For the last few years we have celebrated Earth Hour, a worldwide hour of reflection on the problems of sustainability of energy use. We turn the lights out at church and in 2014 we were joined by 200 people from the local community as we sang by candlelight. 

Church Services

We regularly hold environmentally themed all-age church services. In the last year our younger members have helped us to show how leaf-cutter ants live sustainably and how important trees are for our world.



Hints for environmentally-friendly gardening are in the Communications Corner in the church transept.

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