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What is an Eco-Congregation?



 Eco-Congregation is an ecumenical programme which supports churches in linking environmental issues to their Christian faith and responding with action in the church and community.

We work with churches of many denominations through Stirling Eco-Congregation Network.



Balfron as an Eco-Congregation

Balfron Church registered as an Eco-Congregation in December 2005.

We gained our first award in June 2007.

Early efforts concentrated on greening our lifestyles as individuals and as a church.

Most of the Cell Groups followed at least one series of bible studies from Eco-Congregation’s Module 6.

We are a Fair Trade Church, and members led the movement to make Balfron a Fair Trade Village.

We have a link through World Vision with a community in Kampong Tralach, Cambodia.

Eco-Congregation Notes June 2012

Our big event in recent months was on May 23rd when staff from Christian Aid and Eco-Congregation Scotland came to the Church Rooms to run a Roadshow about climate change. On the first really hot day of the summer, there was quite a good turnout of members of our own congregation, though we were disappointed not to attract folk from other villages who have expressed an interest in Eco-Congregation or members of secular environmental groups. Those present enjoyed professional presentations which gave up to date information and personal accounts of situations, problems and solutions around the world. We then divided into smaller groups to explore and discuss the various ways in which we could respond.

In our biodiversity border along the Poppy Club wall, wildflowers we have sown or planted in previous years are beginning to show again. In April some of the children sowed seeds provided by the ‘On the Verge’ project in a short section which had had the turf removed. This seed mixture is meant to provide both annuals and perennials of nectar-rich flowers to attract and feed insects and birds.

Balfron has been registered with Eco-Congregation since the end of 2005, when the Session backed the intention to use their resources to help link environmental issues to our faith and to take action in our church and community. We gained our first award in 2007 but it only ‘lasts’ for three years. To gain another we have to extend our activities and increase our links with village organisations, as well as reducing the church’s energy use. To do this we need more people with ideas and enthusiasm to join the Eco-team and spread the load. Meetings happen only every quarter or so. If our stewardship of the earth and its resources is important to you, please speak to any of the team – Sheena Marshall, Dave Garner, Nigel Mottram, Bec Youens or myself, Margaret Sparkes


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