Carbon Fast

What does the Lord require of you? - To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

Climate change is hitting the world's poorest people now. They've done the least to cause climate change, but feel the heat the most. Increased floods, droughts and storms are devastating lives as food, homes and livelihoods are washed away.

Join Tearfund for the Carbon Fast this Lent to act justly in the face of climate change: fast from carbon, pray and cry out for climate justice globally.

It’s simple. Do the suggested daily actions and prayers to reduce your carbon emissions and help protect poor people from climate change. Not everyone will be able to do every action, and that’s fine – we want to help you do what you can, not create eco-harisees.
For more information visit Tearfund/CarbonFast.


Day's action: One voice. One people. One prayer. This week is Global Poverty Prayer Week. Join in to pray about injustice, pleading for the hungry and downtrodden, especially those suffering from the impacts of climate change. For more details see  Tearfund/Onevoice.

Day's action: Limescale reduces efficiency. Fill the kettle with one-third vinegar and two-thirds water, and soak overnight. Rinse, then boil the kettle – and discard the water. Anyone for tea?

Day's action: Less is more. Try to buy food with the least, or most recyclable, packaging and avoid disposable plastic bags.

Day's action: Ask the climate question. What is your MP doing to tackle climate change? Write to them or arrange a meeting today. Email your MP direct or find out how to meet them at Tearfund/CarbonFast

Day's action: Make do and mend. Do you have clothes you could wear longer if you gave them a little TLC? Spend some time doing old-fashioned mending.

Day's action: As Global Poverty Prayer Week draws to a close, give thanks to God for his grace and promise in bringing justice to a changing climate. Pray for millions of people to be released from poverty and for Christians in the UK to increase their awareness of global justice issues.

Day's action: Have a technology fast. Try a day with no TV, no iPod, no computer, and even no mobile. Why not set aside a technology fast day each month?

Day's action: Swap shop. Arrange a swapping party with friends. Exchange clothes, DVDs, CDs, jewellery and bags so everyone gets something new without a trip to the shops.

Day's action: Super recycler at home? How is your office, school or church? Make a commitment to set up better recycling schemes today and petition your local council for more recycling facilities.

Day's action: Block unused fireplaces. Stuff scrunched-up newspaper up unused fireplaces to stop heat escaping through the chimney – a good method as it still allows a little air to circulate.

Day's action: Travel light and aerodynamic. Remove roof racks and unnecessary weight from your car.

It's difficult to see how our energy-hungry lifestyles cause suffering for people around the world we may never meet, but the Lord invites us to walk humbly

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