Re-use & Recycling

Folk in the church and the village are encouraged to bring a wide variety of things that might otherwise go to landfill, but can be reused or recycled. This works in 3 ways:

1. Ongoing collections

Labelled containers under the church vestibule table take spectacles, new and used postcards and corks. Foreign coins go in the Help the Aged goblet on the windowsill.

All these are taken to appropriate places for reuse or resale whenever someone is making the journey anyway.

Each Autumn we assemble filled shoe boxes for Blythswood Care. Empty shoe boxes may be left under the vestibule table at any time (only standard sizes and with loose lids please).
2. Bring-or-take items
At present there are 2 categories, in boxes under the vestibule table. Anyone may remove the contents or add to it as they wish.
  • Printer paper with one clean side. The print-outs from the PowerPoint display for each service are placed here.
  • Small polythene carrier bags and plastic mail wrappers – for use by dog-walkers.
  • At jam and marmalade making time there is a box for jam jars too, but not between March and June please.
3. Short-term requested “Recyclable Items”

These are goods for which we have identified a particular need, but which might be accumulating unwanted at the back of cupboards or drawers. We are open to requests for new categories of recyclable items. Speak to any of the Eco-Congregation Team

As usual January’s Recyclable Items are used Christmas cards that will be taken to a Woodland Trust collection point. Please put your cards in the blue bin in the vestibule. See for more information.

Previous "recyclable items" have included stationery and hand tools for a school in Kenya, haberdashery for a sewing class in Malawi, plastic pots for the village Toddler Group and memorabilia for 'reminiscence boxes' to help dementia patients.

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