Funerals and burials

The Church of Scotland is a parish church which means that everyone in Scotland  lives in a  specific parish.  This means that the local congregation has a duty of care for everyone living in their parish and in the case of a bereavement the local congregation is there to help. 

The death of a loved one is the hardest part of life that we have to deal with .  Balfron Church is there to offer as much help as it can in such times to the bereaved through the work of the minister.  To help in the difficult time just after the death of a  loved one it is advisable for the family to choose a funeral director who will help with the arrangements for the funeral at the same time as discusing the matter with the minister of the church. 

The Church will always be there for a funeral and the services of the minister are available.  If the minister is on holiday she will have arranged a colleague to cover for her.  The funeral can take place in the church, in the home (not as common as it used to be)  with the burial afterwards or in the crematorium.  The Minister can be contacted at any time day or night in a bereavement situation.

Further help for bereaved familes can be found by contacting

The costs for Use of Church by members - no fee

Use of Church by non members £100

Church Officer's fee £30,  Cleaner's fee £30,  Organist's fee £50

NB There may also be copyright costs involved if you want to video record the ceremony.

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