Weddings and blessings

wedding ringsCongratulations, You want to get married,  What to do next :

Weddings in Balfron & Fintry

Balfron and Fintry churches are willing to consider conducting weddings for any couple who want a service of Christian Marriage, regardless of where they normally live.

The church is willing to conduct the wedding in any location within the parish – as long as the couple clearly want a service of Christian Marriage.

If you don’t live in our parish but want to have a wedding out with the parish, the minister will be willing to consider that but will require the permission of the minister in the parish where the wedding is to take place. 

As a first step in asking for a service of Christian Marriage a meeting must normally be arranged with the minister. You can email her on or calling her on 01360 440285, where a further meeting can be arranged.

Charges for the use of the Church are as follows:

Members: £100

Non-members: £200

For both members and non-members: organist £80, church officer £40, cleaner £30.


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