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Financial support for the church

The Church teaches members and adherents to look to the Bible for advice about giving. In 2004 the General Assembly welcomed the Stewardship and Finance report on Christian Giving, which emphasised New Testament teaching on sacrificial giving. All members and adherents were urged to give sacrificially in response to the sacrificial giving of God in Christ.

Members and adherents of the Church of Scotland provide most of its income through their giving to their local congregation.

Balfron Church goers may give by placing a donation in the plate which is circulated through the congregation during the service. This is known as 'The offering' others choose to give by Standing Order through their bank. The value of a gift can be enhanced by Gift Aid, and some church members choose to place their donation in a special envelope for this purpose.

Occassionally, special collections are held. These may be 'Retiring Collections', where the donations are received at the exit from the church.

To ensure your gift continues after your death, please consider leaving a legacy to the church.

If you wish to receive advice about your contribution to your local congregation, please contact the treasurer or the minister.